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Product: Resistance Band "Accelerating To The Ball" DVD
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“Win the first 5 yards and you win the Game….Period” !!


How would you like to win the first 5 yards

 every time….

or blow by  your opponent easily….

or get to the ball first every time. 

You can and it will cost you less than a pair

 of good running shoes to do it!!



Dear Coaches and Athletes….


It is not a secret what training with elastic can do to not only strengthen you body to run faster and with greater power,

but also create reflexive “stop on a dime” change direction speed. 


I have been training with resistance bands since 1997 and  I want you to know everything, I have been able to learn.


If you are going to train with elastic, why not train with the band that has been around for 25+ years and has withstood the test of time.  

However, to date their has been no training DVD that will cover what the  "Accelerating to the Ball" DVD does. 


As a  coach or athlete you  will receive over 75 different resistance band speed training exercises specifically designed to enhance “On the Field Speed” and  Explosive Quickness. 

This DVD  not only does that but it will take you from start to finish with regards to developing a workout. 

All you need to do is fill in which speed drills you want to do once the warm-up is over.



I did not hold anything back..

I did my best to demonstrate to you ever single training drill I do with my athletes.  I even included some "never seen before" drills like:


Simultaneous Partner Figure 8’s

Bear Crawling

Partner Tug of War

Power Wall Runs

Partner Reaction Drills


This video covers it all...


Dynamic Flexibility

Movement Retraining

First Step Explosiveness   

Change of Direction Drills


Your training options are Unlimited with Resistance band Training.


http://www.performax4u.com/images/checkmark_27.gif  "Chop off .2 seconds" in your 10 yard dash and  go from 4.7 to 4.5 in weeks not months

http://www.performax4u.com/images/checkmark_27.gif  Discover how to train to get "lightening fast feet” that will back your opponent off immediately

http://www.performax4u.com/images/checkmark_27.gif  Learn to Stop on a Dime and Accelerate out of cuts, leaving your oppoenent holding on to air and in disbelief.

http://www.performax4u.com/images/checkmark_27.gif  Eliminate awkward movements that can lead to “season ending injuries” that keep you from doing what you love to do....Play the Game!!

http://www.performax4u.com/images/checkmark_27.gif  Follow "5 Simple Dynamic Stretching Positions" that will make your Running form “Resistance Free” and “Effortless”

http://www.performax4u.com/images/checkmark_27.gif  Turn your warm –up program into a perfect  movement training program instead of an non-productive 15 minutes of socializing.

http://www.performax4u.com/images/checkmark_27.gif  Challenge your athletes by creating Partner training drills that will kick some serious butt and "slash training time in half"


Text Box:  
Dave Schmitz has done an outstanding job of thinking outside the box when it comes to training with Flex Bands and creating "Accelerating to the Ball.  Keep up the Great Work!!!

 Dick Hartzel  (Owner of JumpStretch & Inventor of Resistance Bands)







Don't Spend a Ton to Get a Ton...


Accelerating to the Ball  will not require you to purchase $1000 worth of equipment. 


In reality it will show you how to train 2 athletes, simultaneously for under $40 or an entire 12 member team for under $300.



It is really very simple….


 Accelerating to the Ball will allow you to train with  “ONE” training tool that can go anywhere, challenge the best conditioned athletes and simulate any type of athletic movement. 


“Start training with Resistance Bands and you and your athletes will win the first 5 yards and more importantly ... The Game!!”


Dave Schmitz




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Price: $40