If You’ve Ever Wanted To Look, Feel and Perform Like An Athlete But Have Never Found A Program That Delivered…

Finally A Training Program Specifically Designed To Get You Game Day Ready In Just 28 Days!

Because For The First Time, There Is A Training Program Specifically Designed To Unleash The Athlete Inside You And Empower You To Be Faster, Stronger & More Powerful…While Looking more The Part…In Just 4 Short Weeks!

Do You Feel Like Your Current Approach To Training Is Missing Something or Needs a Jump Start?

Are You The Type Of Person That Thrives On Competition, But The ‘Same Old Workouts’ Just Aren’t Providing It Or More Importantly Keeping Your Body Competitive?

Have You Been Told That Training to Be Athletic Is Only For Athletes and 20 Year Olds?

If any of that hits home with you then the Game Day Ready 28 Day Training Program is for you.

Look And Feel More Athletic Than Ever Before & Watch Your Agility, Strength & Speed Go Through The Roof With This One Of A Kind Performance Training Program!

I’ve developed a new training program that really encompasses what I’m most passionate about when it comes to training – athleticism.

For the past 20+ years my own training has been focused on an athletic training approach that combines flexibility, multi-plane strength training & appropriate power training with integrated movement & mobility training to give me a complete training plan that keeps me looking, feeling and performing better at 52 years young than individuals in their 30’s.

After utilizing and perfecting this training approach personally and with the thousands of young athletes I’ve worked with throughout the years of being a high school strength coach, I’ve put together an athletic based training program that now allows adult fitness enthusiasts like myself to…

  • Enhanced Total Body “real life” Strength
  • Increased Speed & Agility
  • Improved Power Safely
  • Maximize Joint and Soft Tissue Flexibility
  • Develop Reactive Core Strength

All while Giving You A Game Day Ready Body!

With this complete training program any motivated person can finally feel and look like an athlete ready to perform at their peak on Game Day.

And the best part is that with this progressive 28 day approach I’ve developed, you’ll actually be able to see yourself improving and setting personal records week after week while having more fun training than you’ve had in years. The entire Game Day Ready training approach integrates athleticism into every facet of your training while keeping you motivated and enjoying your training during through all 24 workouts.

I've Included Everything You Need To Finally Look, Feel and Move Like An Athlete On Game Day - In Just 28 Days!

Why implement a Game Day Ready training approach?

  1. You need a change of pace to keep your workouts from becoming monotonous.
  2. You want to convert your weight room strength into productive, exciting movement skill performance.
  3. You want to be able to run with your children or grandchildren and enjoying life adventures that require you to be physically ready.
  4. You know that an aging body does not have to be a non-athletic body.
  5. You want better self-confidence, more self-esteem and comfort when playing the game in sport or life.
  6. You want to eliminate the injury potential by preparing your body to handle life’s unexpected events.
  7. You want to improve you training for upcoming recreational events, like a tough mudder, 5K or an important upcoming adult tennis, basketball, soccer or volleyball tournament.
  8. You want the best way to train athletically in a small space or at home.
  9. You want to improve (not lose) your balance as you get older.
  10. Because you know you can even when so many others say you can’t.


Why implement a Game Day Ready training approach?

1. The Four Week Game Day Training Program

4 weeks – 24 progressive workouts that I individually map out for you. These are all uniquely designed Workouts that will progressively unleash your athleticism, allowing you to set new personal records week after week while giving you a strong, lean, athletic body that moves at least 10 years younger.

Every workout in the Game Day Ready 28 Day Training Program will include:

  • A Comprehensive Band Flexibility Pre-Workout Routine to Set The Stage For any athletic movement.
  • My own post band stretching movement activation flow series
  • A Unique linear speed or agility specific training session That Will Immediately Start Feeling More Athletic after a couple of sessions
  • A complimentary Strength Session that Will Basically Give You A “Bigger Motor” in Any Athletic Endeavor
  • A Power or Plyometric Training Component That Will teach you how to keep ground reaction forces from beating up your joints while ultimately making YOU More Explosive On The Field or On The Court
  • Core Training within every workout that will keep your power center on board early and often and ultimately Make You Bulletproof When It Comes To Injuries
  • I also provide you an optional flexibility only workout to ensure you are putting in enough time on your game changing mobility
  • A Special aerobic workout that will help build your cardio endurance to make sure you are 4th Quarter dominate

PLUS…I’ve Included Special Game Day Performance Tests To Keep You Motivated And To Measure Your Progress As you Get Game Day Ready!

2. Game Day Ready Instructional Videos

To guarantee that you know exactly how to perform every movement for maximum results I'm including comprehensive instructional videos covering every exercise in the Game Day Ready Training Program.


These videos are like having a private one-on-one training session with me — at a fraction of the fee it would cost.

There are over 75 unique and powerful exercise videos detailing every progression or regression.

If you’re using this program yourself, these videos will be like me being your personal coach.

If you’re taking your clients through the Game Day Ready Training, this exercise library coupled with the complete 24 workout Game Day Ready program will allow you to bring something new and exciting to your clients and know that you’re coaching it with maximum precision to deliver great adult athletic results.

I can’t wait to hear what you or your clients start saying when they start training to get Game Ready using RBT.

The only “catch” is… to get the RBT Game Day Ready Program and save big … you have to decide now to make it happen. Because right now, you can get instant access to the full RBT Game Day Ready Training Program for just ONE payment of ONE payment of $59.95.

If you need to include all the training equipment we have put together the 28 Day Game Day Ready Transformation Kit for $179.99. This kit will provide you everything need to get your body Game Day Ready.



Just click the “Add To Cart” button to get instant online access to the Game Day Ready Workouts I’ve told you about and immediately start developing a strong, balanced, athletic body which will lead to looking and performing like an athlete on Game Day.

You’ll get immediate access to the Game Day Ready Workouts– and there’s zero risk, because you’re completely covered for a full 90 days by my 100% no-questions-asked refund guarantee.


Why 90 Days?

As YOUR Coach I am going to push you to start training right now and I feel 90 Days gives you plenty of time to get all 24 Workouts done in 28 Days. If you are not absolutely thrilled with the Game Day Ready Training Program at any time in the next 90 days and it doesn’t live up to everything that I’ve promised you here, all you have to do is tell me so and I’ll immediately return every penny you paid.

You Can Look, Feel & Perform Like An Athlete - And You Can Starting Getting there In Just 28 Days Guaranteed By Starting The Game Day Ready Training Program Today!




PS Remember, you’re getting instant access to your Game Day Ready Workouts today with no waiting and no shipping costs—all for just ONE payment of $59.95.

If you need bands we have put together the 28 Day Game Day Ready Transformation Kit for $179.99 to make sure you have exactly what you need.

The bottom-line...You can get Game Day Ready, and I’m taking ALL the risk because I know it works.

PPS The bottom-line...You can get Game Day Ready, and I’m taking ALL the risk because I know it works.

With my 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, you can put everything I’ve told you about here to the test for yourself and only THEN decide if I’ve earned your money.