The RBT Customer Hub


 The RBT Customer Hub

One of my goals in 2013 for Resistance Band Training Systems was to create a place where our RBT Customers could go to feel special and welcomed into the RBT community.

It would be a place that provided me the opportunity to keep earning a customer’s trust while also allowing me to continually be able to acknowledge them for their support of RBT, by providing them additional customer only benefits.   .

It would be a place that supported our mission of being the world leader in Resistance Band Training education while setting us light years apart from anyone who was simply   selling bands.

It would also provide RBT Customers with a safe place to store any digital resources they had purchased or been provided free from us.   I did not want them to have to ever worry about storing these valuable resources themselves or potentially losing these valuable resources if one day their computer crashed.

Lastly it would allow us at RBT to service our customer faster and more efficiently which has always  a key component to our success as a business.


The RBT Customer Hub was created to support our mission of being the BEST educators of Resistance Band Training in the WORLD.


Introducing the exclusive the RBT Customer Hub

The RBT Customer Hub is a website that we provide to all RBT Customers once they   have purchased either a digital product or a physical product from us.  When an RBT customer first visits their exclusive customer hub welcome page they will immediately notice several menu items from which to choose from.

 the rbt customer hub

Free Resources

This is where I provide our customers with additional resource information that is only found here.   It is where I really get to give back to those that were willing to trust us.

Learning Opportunities

This is a location that allows me to help guide you on other learning resources that I feel may assist with furthering your knowledge of RBT


FAQ is the place where I share answers to questions from other customers, thinking that if one customer has that question, maybe others do as well.


If you are not a computer savvy person don’t worry because we have you covered here.   The support page is where customers can go to find out how to access or download all the information in their customer hub.   We even make sure you have the right FREE software needed to view or listen to all your RBT resources.

It also lets customers know how to get in contact with us the fastest and most efficient way.


Not only do we want to teach you how to get better with bands training with them, we also want to see if we can assist with helping you  earn some additional income helping us promote RBT.  The affiliate section teaches you about how to become an affiliate and letting us pay you for helping us.

My Account

My account area is where you go to change anything in your account, like for instance, your password, e-mail address, billing address or shipping address.  Anything you change here will change throughout your entire account so you can keep us up to date.

 My Products

To many this is the most important part of the RBT Customer Hub.  This is where you go to access any digital products you purchase from us.  Anytime you purchase a digital product we instantly uploaded it to your exclusive customer hub product center.   Once a digital product is placed in your customer hub it is there for life.  So regardless what happens with your computer, you will always have access to this product by just logging back into your RBT Customer hub.



How do I get access to the RBT Customer Hub??

Well first of all if you are not an RBT customer, you need to become one by purchasing something.   There is no minimum purchase needed so once you purchase anything from the RBT Super store we will instantly send you a thank you email that will have this information in it.

Link to the Customer Hub:  Live Link to click on

Your Username:  this will be the email you provide us

Your Password: XXXXXXX (we initially create this for you but you can change it in your Account area)


Make sure you save this information where you save all your PW and UNs.  However if you happen to lose it, no worries, we can provide you the information by emailing us at

If your purchase is a digital product, besides sending you a thank you email, we will also upload the product immediately into your product menu section where you will find it when you get to your RBT Customer Hub.

If you are already an RBT Customer and cannot locate the email we sent you to access your customer hub, just let us know and we will resend, via email, your customer hub access information.  However please keep in mind we must be able to verify your purchase in our present data base before providing you access to your own customer hub.


To me the RBT customer hub is a symbol of how important you are to us as an RBT Customer and the importance we place on making sure our customers are some of the best at getting better with bands.


Getting BETTER with BANDS









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  1. December 17, 2013 at 2:05 pm, Danny Petrucci said:

    can not locate HUB

  2. December 17, 2013 at 2:24 pm, Darrel Barnes said:


    I got the email about the Hub but no link to click on??

  3. December 18, 2013 at 12:14 am, Ray Jerkins said:

    Cannot get to the Hub

  4. December 25, 2013 at 3:31 pm, Dean Hummel said:

    First… Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Second… I also received the info about the RBT HUB but no link to access?
    Please resend the HUB link so I can get started!
    Thank You

  5. February 10, 2014 at 11:24 am, richard said:

    I just bought my third set of bands ,this is the mini band set, my previous set was of a better material an much stronger than this one I would like you to watch the quality an compare the bands six months ago with the ones that are on the site now .thank you for your service .

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