Resistance Band Training Arm Workout times 4

Resistance Band Training To Blast the arms

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So I go down to my basement gym today and get after it for about 40 minutes doing a great total body Resistance Band Training workout.


But I finish and I just haven’t had enough. I need a finisher to jack me up for the whole day.


Ever feel that way??


I feel that way a lot after a workout and in talking to a lot of fitness enthusiasts, the feeling is mutual especially for specific muscle groups like the Chest, Back, Abs and especially the Arms


There is something about blasting the arms at the end that really finishes off a workout.


I know what your saying.. Its a GUY THING..  Well that may be partially true but, I know a lot of female clients that enjoy wearing sleeveless tops and it sure is a lot more fun when your arms are looking good.


Training the bicep and triceps is pretty easy to do with bands.  Matter of fact this Resistance Band Training Arm Workout will show you 4 different ways to attack them and I suggest doing all 4.  The more ways you can attack the muscles the leaner they become.



  A Resistance Band Training for the arms


I’m not a big arm guy as the video will obviously show but hey it’s not the size, its the effort and the feeling of being spent, that keeps bringing me back. Plus the burn that comes with it will be intense if you go the distance.


My  Favorite “4 way Resistance Band Training  Tri-Bi workout  using my favorite 20-10 IWorkout Muse Pro playlist.  If you don’t have the interval music, just crank 15 reps and move on.


Here is what you need for Bands

 Resistance Band Training



Resistance Band Training Music
If you like the customize interval music I recommend IWorkout Muse Pro App.  You can find it in Itunes




 Getting BETTER with BANDS





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  1. June 07, 2012 at 2:21 pm, Bruce G said:

    Intense workout, feel the burn all around the chest arms.
    Good stuff!


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