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Attention Coaches, Fitness Professionals, Athletes, and Fitness Enthusiasts


For the past year I have received 1000’s of emails asking for ways to improve essentially any aspect of functional movement and fitness using resistance bands. That doesn’t surprise me because bands really can train every aspect of  fitness and performance including speed, power, flexibility, dynamic balance and of course reactive strength.  It is also one of the most versatile fitness tools available, especially when you understand all it’s capabilities.




To help fill this demand and help others better understand RBT, I decide to create a FREE weekly video newsletter that will teach you week to week how to use Resistance Bands to train your atheletes, your fitness clients and of course  your own  body to get stronger, faster, more balanced, and more flexible while getting in great shape.




Obviously, resistance band training is not something you can learn over night.  However to speed up the learning curve I decide to give you full access to my 9 Session Mini Course for subscribing to RBT Live.



So once you have filled out the box with your name and email you will immediately be registered for my 9 session RBT Live Mini Course along with continuing to get  my weekly video  newsletter.  For the next  16 days or every 2 days you will receive a new RBT  lesson from me.    It will teach you everything you need to know about resistance bands and how to safely start training with them.




Subscribe today and Start learning instantly  about  :


1.  All the different levels of bands and accessories

2.  My top 4 Set ups

3.  How to train flexibility

4.  How to train your Abs and hips

5.  How to train the upper torso

6.  How to train the lower torso

7.  How to use bands to train cardio and locomotion

8.  How to put it all together to create incredible RBT workouts.





So don’t wait to start learning… Get started ASAP by signing up NOW for RBT Live with Me ..Dave Schmitz.. AKA….  The Band Man and receive the first of you 9 session ASAP.