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Resistance Band Workouts

Spartacus Workout 1 & 2

Total Shoulder Training with Bands

Resistance Band Cardio – Strength Combo Circuit

Resistance Band – Kettlebell Step Back Presses

Mountain Climber – Get UP Workout

Figure 8 Cone Drill (Fat Burning with Fast Feet)

Partner Kettlebells vs. Resistance Band Workouts

4 Way Arm Blaster

Crossover Set-up Band Only workout

 Alternating Upper Body Circuit

Lower body Blast

 Playground Workout

 10 Exercise Core Workout

“Short” Band Workout





Resistance Band Training Tips and Techniques


Dynamic Stabilizer Training

Single Band Strength Workout (Tips and Instruction)

Upper Body Alternating Workout (Instruction)

Barbell – Resistance Band Combo Training

Band Utility Strap Instructions

Trunk Reaction Training (Beyond a Plank)

3 Way Hamstring and Hip Rotation Mobility and Stretching

Attention Coaches.. Getting Fast-Fit and Explosive

ThunderBand Highlight Video

Heavy Band Towing Drill

Partner Band Workouts

30 Band Exercises in 5 minutes

Horizontal Pulling Progression

Horizontal Pushing  Progresssion

Training Games for Kids using Bands

Hip Flexor – Quadricep Stretching with Bands

Dynamic Shoulder Stretching with Bands

 Seminar Videos

Band Utility Strap Tip

 Band Training Bar Setup



Band Training Set-ups

Single Band Attachment Free Set up

Crossover Set up

Single band 2 handles

Heavy Band Link Free Set up

Harness vs. Hip Attachment

Linking Bands Together

 Band Belt Setup

Towel Band Training


Band Exercise Videos

Front Squat

Lunges Progression

Overhead Squat

Single Leg Bench Squats

Barbell – Band Exercises

Zercher Squats

Band Flys

Band  Face Pulls



Resistance Band Training Articles

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