Band Training For Basketball

Band Training for Basketball is about training on the court to getting better on the court

The 5 areas I feel you need to focus on with band training for basketball are:



Lateral Shuffle Acceleration Speed

Deceleration Speed

Vertical Jump (both max jump and quick jumps)

Getting down the floor fast


All of these can easily be impacted with band training and in most cases it can be done right on the floor.


I realize for most the season is over, but when looking at your off-season and how you are going to incorporate band training for basketball in the off-season these are the areas I would start with.





Flexibility training really comes down making sure the hip and ankle are tri-plane mobile.  Band training will not only attach the hip but it will also do an efficient job of mobilizing the ankle in all planes.




Shuffle Acceleration


Being able to explode out our your shuffle is one of the keys to lock down defense.  3 Step Shuffle acceleration drills are great for this and can easily be done in partnerships.




Deceleration Speed


The ability to stop on a dime and change direction comes down to your ability to handle momentum in the horizontal plane.   2 step deceleration drills is the go to drill for training this.  Not only can it done in a shuffle movement, it can also be done in a backpedal or backward movement as well.


Vertical Jump Training


With the new Band – Belt setup, vertical jump training is now super easy with bands.  The Band-Belt system is the most cost effective way to have all your basketball players working on vertical jump training.




Getting Down the Floor


The best way to teach your athletes to get up and down the floor quickly is by using partner resisted running.  Again the beauty of this is it takes two guys partnered together working up and down the floor.  All it takes is a thunder band or a pair of linked up bands that can also be used for all the other drills mention previously.


For 2 high school athletes to do all 5 of these drills, all they will need is a pair of red bands and a pair of purple or green bands (depending on strength level).



Band training for basketball is probably the best fit when it comes to training in bands.  Not only do they go with the athlete on floor, they allow them to work on the exact movements they need to training to do their thing on the court.



Getting BETTER with BANDS




PS.. Band Training for Basketball DVD covers how to do all of these drills except the band belt vertical jump training which you can find on a recent blog I did 2 weeks ago.


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  1. March 19, 2012 at 6:44 pm, Brian McGinty said:

    Always love your stuff Dave, you put it very humbly but i bet the bands enhanced everything the b-ball team did. As long as they were consistent in their effort

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