Finally a Resistance Band Training Clinic for athletes and coaches where the goal is simple…..





Dear Coach,

Can’t say I have seen it all but after working with over 100’s high schools since 1997 and being the strength and conditioning coach for Germantown High School, it appears to me the keys to an effective high school off-season multi-directional first step speed and conditioning program comes down to finding a system that:

  •  Is Easy for coaches to implement in a couple of weeks

  •  Compliments any traditional strength training program

  •  Gets results quickly without a huge learning curve for coaches or athletes

  •  Will allow coaches to train at least 50 plus athletes at a time

  •  Will Not make coaches ask the school board or boosters for a ton of $$$’S

  •  Allows training to quickly transfer indoors or outdoors

  •  Allows coaches to train any high school male or female multi-sport athlete

  •  Is something that athletes keep asking for everyday

  •  Is an “All in One” performance enhancement system  

  •  Builds team chemistry by allowing athletes to train as a team year round

  •  Is proven to decrease injury rates and keep athletes on the field all season

  •  Allows coaches to train In-season, Off-season and definitely Preseason

  •  Allows the multi-sport athlete to train year-round on speed and quickness

Coach, I know it sounds pretty bold but I think I have the solution for you

Why do I know this????

I have several state football championships and play-off qualifiers in the last 12 years to BACK IT UP!! Video 9 0 00 53-13Plus I am in the trenches doing it with my local high school male and female athletes 5days per week making sure it works








Wanted to drop you a note to say thanks for all of the help with our 2010 football season.

There is no question that we would not have had the success we had with the 2010 football season without Resistance Band Training and your support !! It was a huge key to our run to the State Championship.

We used the exercise bands through the entire off season and without a question they were the key to quick recovery and our ability to keep our athletes training at a high level.

Our players love stretching with resistance exercise bands and our overall team speed has increased incredibly since starting your program two years ago.

From the Brodhead – Juda Football Program……..Thanks Dave!!!

Jim Matthys – AD
Head Football Coach
Brodhead High School


Resistance band training under the expertise and guidance of Dave has been an invaluable training tool for our football strength training program at Marshfield High School. Dave and band training has been utilized for the past fourteen years in Marshfield and a key component to our success in playing at Camp Randall 5 times and winning three state championships.


Scott Scheuer

Physical Education teacher

Assistant Football Coach

Head Strength Coach


“The Resistance Band Coaches Only Clinic” workshop was excellent!

I have been attending SAQ workshops for years, and Dave’s session was one of the best. By inviting athletes to attend, Dave created an environment that allowed participants to observe him “in action”. Hearing teaching cues and watching him make corrections are things you don’t get in a DVD or teaching manual.

Any coach interested in taking their athletes to the next level should put this workshop on their list of things to do.

Janice Aliberti – Performance Coach



Thanks for an amazing band training workshop. I have already implemented the training techniques with my athletes and am looking forward to putting my fitness campers through a band strength circuit tonight. Lastly, the hand held whistle is ingenious.

So much great information you provided. I’m a band believer and look forward to any other training workshops you put on!

Gina Andrecolich-Montesano

GAME Training

“At Wisconsin Lutheran High School we have worked with Dave Schmitz and Resistance Band Training for 8 years.  Dave has been a great resource for us when it comes to functional training with resistance bands.  The resistance band program that he taught us is a big part of our year round strength and conditioning program for all athletes at Wisconsin Lutheran High School.”
Kirk Denoyer
Head Football Coach – Wisconsin Lutheran HS



I have had the great opportunity to be the head strength coach since 2006.  I have used your bands  since 2006 at Xavier.    We have cut our injuries down almost 90-95%.   Excluding concussions
The girls basketball team 3 years ago had no missed games and in the last two very minimal loss of time.
Your band stretching routine is awesome
Two years ago we had shoulder issues with football so our football team has started using the shoulder stretches and this has cut down on shoulder tightness and injuries. We had approx 10-12 the  last year 2
Dave, you’ve also helped my son many years ago and I with your teaching have reached out to help other young men and women
Dave Adamovich
Head Strength coach
Xavier High School



Since 1997 I have assisted 100’s of high schools across the country to  implement the Resistance Band Training Speed and Conditioning program and fortunately several of those schools have bought into the concept and can provide me “REAL WORLD” results to share with you.  Not only that but now we have a “Resistance Band Training Blue Print” that will walk you through exactly how to achieve the off-season success that these schools have witnessed first-hand.

Coach, I am not going to guarantee you get to the final game of the season but if your present system is not getting your athletes…

>> To decelerate quickly and efficiently

>> Developing noticeably better multi-plane hip, ankle and shoulder flexibility

>> A reactively quicker first step in all directions

>> In real “field ” shape versus just weight room strong or running fit

>> To stay healthy and being productive on the field all season

…than I guarantee coach the Resistance Band Training Program will teach you how to get YOUR Kid’s Stronger, Faster and Quicker on the field or court where it really matters.


As a coach you can X and O all you want but at the end of the day it’s about winning and that happens because  your athletes playing X and O are stronger, faster, quicker and more athletic than their opponent


Coach, I don’t just talk about this, I do it Monday through Friday with REAL high school and middle school athletes

Video 1 0 00 02-29

AS a result you will get the best of the best when it comes to Resistance Band Training for Speed, Change of Direction, Flexibility, Reactive Strength and 4th Quarter Conditioning. Also you will get all the new tips and techniques I have been implementing since last years clinic which is why every year this clinic gets better.



New This Year:

  • How to use bands to maximize Olympic lifting
  • Injury prevention training in every workout
  • A simple but effective 4 day per week training program any high school can do
  •  First step speed training anywhere
  • Easy ways to expand your weight room with bands
  • Developing a successful middle school strength program
  • Setting up Friday Chaos Conditioning – A G’Town Tradition

So regardless if you are new to Resistance Bands or a veteran to training with Flat Continuously Looped Bands, I make sure you leave with something you can implement on Monday in your training facility and in your off-season program.



All the Coaches who step up to the plate first will leave this 1 day – 8 hour Resistance Band Clinic with:


1. How to set up your own portable Resistance Band Gym ANYWHERE

2. How to implement and incorporate a “Resistance Band Training” program with your present off-season training  and summer program

3. How to get other coaches on board so multi-sport athletes can train year round with bands

4. How to get your kids excited and self driven to train with and without bands

MY Goal is not to Fill the HOUSE


I am not interested in doing a coach’s only clinic where I cannot go “eye to eye” with ever single participant and make absolutely sure they get all their questions answer that day.

If I am going to teach coaches and trainers the nuts and bolts to getting their athletes first step faster and more reactive, I have to be able to interact with them up close and personal as much as possible.

Also since we are going to have  high school athletes demonstrating everything, I want to make sure coaches see it LIVE and have the chance if they want to actually go through how they are going to teach it to their athletes when they get back to their school on Monday.

Therefore this Exclusive RBT Live Training clinic is only going to be opened up to the first 30 Coaches that register…. That’s it!! We cut it off after that. I have learned that more than this, does not allow me to talk to each and everyone of you during the day.



The 2015

Resistance Band Training

Coaches Speed and Agility


Date: May 2nd, 2015

Location: Germantown High School

W180 N11501 River Lane – Germantown, WI. 53022

Clinic Schedule

7:30 – 8:00 Check in

8:00 – 8:15 Welcome

8:15 – 9:15 Band Training 101

9:15 – 10:15 Dynamic Flexibility (Lab) and Programming

10:15- 10:30 Break

10:30 – 12: 00 Linear and Lateral Reactive First Step Speed Development ( Lab and Programming)

12:00 – 12:45 Lunch Break

12:45 – 2:15 Speed and Strength Games and Program Design (Lecture and Lab)

2:15-3:15 Reactive Auxiliary Band training in the Weight room (Expanding Your Training Space)

3:15 – 4:00 Bringing it all together


*** I will have bands and DVDs available to purchase so plan accordingly and save on

shipping that day ***



Take a look at what your athletes will be doing this summer




Coach, here is what you will receive for attending the

Resistance Band Training Coaches

Speed and Agility Clinic

1. 6 Hours of  Live Hands-on-Training for YOU and your athletes – $600 Value

2. 3 Months of Unlimited online consulting to make sure you have success – $400 Value

3. 1 Follow up 30 minute Phone Conference within 3 months after the clinic – $60 Value

4. 10% discount on all Resistance Bands, Accessories and DVD’s that are purchased within 30 days of the clinic ( ???? Value)

Total Clinic Value: $ 1500+ and that does not include the price you put on winning next season.

That said Coach… I think $119 is fair but to make it even more risk free  I will return every penny of your registration fee immediately if you are not satisfied.



Back by Popular Demand

Bring YOUR own athletes along to train


Coach, let me train your athletes so you get a second or third assistant to help train all of your athletes when you get back home.

Attention Coaches…….. If you have a well conditioned athlete or 2  that you would like to bring along to actually go through all the training with  my athletes, we can arrange that to happen.   Just complete the athlete registration form by clicking on the link below and they are in .   I recommend bringing 2 athletes if possible because we will train in partnerships throughout the day and this will allow teammates to train together.

Limited 2 athletes per coach or school. There is a small $25 per athlete fee that covers their lunch as well as Gatorade for training.    Please include the $25 with their registration form.

***** Please make sure a parent or guardian signs the athlete registration form ***


Click and Print

Athletes Registration Form


Coach here is how you register:

Step 1: Print and completed the following registration form

 Click to Register

Coaches Register HERE



Step 2: Mail your clinic fee ($119) and registration form to:

Resistance Band Training Systems W161 N11115 Meadow Dr –  Germantown, WI. 53022

Step 3: Once registration is received we will confirm your registration with directions and final details via email


Coach I am looking forward to meeting and sharing with you on how to get your athletes Fast – Fit & Flexible with Resistance Bands

Saturday May 2nd.


PS…Just in Case you were wondering…

I have coaches call or email me weekly to discuss coming up and spending a day with me. That would be way too expensive and frankly it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun or educational as bringing a bunch of highly motivated coaches, trainers and athletes together for one huge day of nothing but reactive first step resistance band speed training and conditioning.

Since most of you are teachers as well as a coach or trainer, you know exactly what I am talking about. Learning is all about passion and trust me I will get you and your athletes passionate about getting better with bands.


Don’t wait to long to register because over the past 5 years we have sold out and I don’t like turning coaches away.

Athletes Register HERE



 Coaches Register HERE